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As someone has rightly described the value of zero depends on where it is placed,it can either make your fortune or break you down to ashes,and the day you take the first step to change your future the zero switches it place to become a hero.

It was not just a winter morning in the month of November 2017 when a couple of runners turned up to be trained by their beloved “Souvik sir”at a playground in the laketown area but failed to find a proper place to start the training session,after a bit of brainstorming they zeroed on playground in Bangur which later became the official training place for the group.
In a few days the enthusiastic runners pitched in by carrying the exercise and training equipment to the ground and back which was again a tedious job to perform,the the bonding and sportsman spirit of the team came to the rescue when one of the new members offered them to park their equipment in his Garage nearby which came as a boost of spirits for the young team on the run.

To add to their happiness the Coach of the team offered to train them without charging a single penny in the initial days ,which helped them take in some very talented runners and support them as a team to grow in the sport and inspire others as a result a formal group started taking shape with team members brainstorming for designing the name and logo of this association of recreational runners and passionate fitness freaks and thus “North Kolkata Runners” came into existence formally on this day 26th March 2018.

Group’s first Collaboration run-The game changer

The first year of their formal existence and they were yet to test waters in their first complete running season, when one fine evening they were suggested to hold their first collaboration run in kolkata,as due to certain turn of events the month of August was not planned by any running group of kolkata runners to play host.
It was a huge task at hand and greater challenge which might have shaken the group’s image and confidence in the upcoming season as “North Kolkata runners” was still at a very nascent stage compared to the other running groups of the region.As History is written through wise and bold decisions which can make or break you,the admins and the runners of the group collectively took up the challenge of creating a memorable Collaboration run of the year.
With detailed planning ,superb coordination among members and expert guidance from other groups made the event a grand success and paved the way for the group to be taken very seriously by the organizers and runners across groups.This was the moment when when the kid off the block joined the league of extraordinary sportsmen as they proved their mettle across the events in the running season of 2018.

As the team grows in size and performance,it would be a tough job for the admins to foster discipline and bonding to compliment the superior performance and support the upcoming talents.As they have worked their way up and the kind of support with structured control the admins have been ingrained into the team,the team is definitely going to Rock’N’Roll in the seasons to come.

The journey has begun with a Galaxy of stars in the making,Good luck “North Kolkata runners”.

I am the Spotlight looking for people trying to make a difference to themselves and weaving a beautiful, encouraging story in the Process. If you are the one who can trade fictions for real life heroes, this is the place to be....when I am not breaking keyboards to write these stories, you might find me running slow long distance runs or slogging my ass to get my bills Paid.Now it's showtime 😁


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