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So we read so much of Coronavirus or Covid-19 infections around and we enter a state of panic thinking what if we get infected and are not prepared since we need to get into isolated quarantine at home or hospital as the case may be so lets get sorted with the essentials.

So here are my essential 5 recommendations on gadgets/tools that come handy to defeat the virus. lets do it !!

This is one friend we all have at home but we pray that there should not be a time that we would need to take this out. Most of the people who get infected get fever and in some cases like mine where it lasted for 9 days ,you definitely need to keep track of the temperature to avoid any further complications. Please keep this friend handy so that you are in control.

2.Electric Kettle:
We need to keep ourselves hydrated with warm fluids so that we flush out toxins in the body and help keep your kidneys healthy and immune stronger. And to ensure a steady supply of warm water to drink we need an Electric kettle as drinking optimum amount of water helps in circulation, improve digestion, avoid constipation and reduces shivering in case you feel cold .

3. Oximeter:
Since the virus affects various parts of the body and may affect your lungs while driving the oxygen level in your body to dangerous level, it needs to be constantly monitored and should be above 94 at all times. In case if it goes below that speak to your doctor as you may need hospitalization.
So an Oximeter is a must have in case of this illness, an essential life saving gadget which you would get for 1200-1300 bucks at the nearest medical stores and beware of people selling it at a higher price.

4. Nose Vaporizer:
When the virus attacks your body, your lungs are at a great risk and also there are high chances that you would have a blocked nostrils due to infection which needs to be treated and cleared off to fend further blockage. It also helps thin the mucus in your sinus to ease the breathing process and ensure a unclogged respiratory tract and smooth breathing.

5. Gadget for Entertainment :
When you are tested positive for covid-19 you have to go through the isolation phase of 17 days (I had to go through 17 days as per Karnataka govt advisory) and believe me these 17 days of quarantine were the most lonely, frustrated and helpless phase in my recent memory. To keep yourself motivated and entertained you must have entertainment gadgets like TV, Laptop or a smartphone with good data pack.

Don’t you worry, if you take good care of yourself this virus will soon go away and it would not be long that you would cherish the days of good health and free movement. You just need to take care of yourself and follow the instructions listed by the doctor. Wish you a quick recovery and hope you are doing good.

Pix Credit 🙁The Philadelphia Inquirer/ sketch by Ron Tornoe.

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