I wasn’t sure but the shoes looked good on screen and i ordered a pair,it was so economical that i didn’t believe my eyes,it was dirt cheap compared to other shoes available in the market.

Under 1000 bucks, can you believe it and that too a running shoe which you are thinking of taking to marathons.When the packet arrived and i opened it,i was taken aback with the vibrant Blue color of the shoe and believe me it seemed so cool .

The design is sleek and once you wear this shoe your shoe size seems to have come down as it fits onto your feet as your socks take your shape.The design is great with good quality laces put in which do not untie themselves while on a marathon run and the soles give you superior grip like the one you get in cricket or football shoes with the teeth gripping onto the ground.Its great for run onto slippery grounds and gives you the perfect balance and grip to complete your run with fun.

The material is great that lets your feet breathe during the tiring runs and lets the fresh air pass onto your feet.The soles provide ultimate support and strength while running and seems durable. If you really want to start running on a budget and are looking for a dependable partner, go no further.

Go India with Nivia Blue marathon shoe.

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