Presenting the first ever Who.I Conversations to mark the launch of the e-mag Boolettin. We are presenting a books barter and poetry slam out event for the literary inclined. In tune with the core definition of the literary strain of Boolettin mag, we are here to facilitate facilitate conversations around the politics of identity, essentially to probe the question, Who Am I.

The conversation is expected to spark creative outpourings and to encourage new authors to share their poems with others. It shall also be a platform to bond over an exchange of books among like minded people. Planned to be a community event of 30-40 people, Who.I Conversations targets young adults, budding authors and interested readers in the age group of 20-35 years.

Who.I also marks the launch of the first edition of Boolettin, a pithy lit mag from the readers’ group #Bookbar. Founded, curated, and edited by Sharmila Bhowmick, the magazine has contributions from several writers: Sharad Kohli, Arsh Behl, Namita S. Kalla, Banita Singh, Deep Downer & Raghav Gautam. Boolettin is a collage of fleeting emotions and flashes of insights and reflection. Some of it is poetry, some of it is fiction. All of it is art.
Who.I Conversations :: Boolettin x Let’s Barter
Date: 01 July, 2017 – Saturday – 5pm to 7pm
Location: CoworkIn, Nehru Place (Venue Partners)
Printing Partners: InkMonk
Format: 10 self written poetry slam out followed by a meet and greet of literary inclined members- Free of cost – Pre registered entry only- 30 to 40 members only
Organizers: Let’s Barter India (represented by Pooja Bhayana) and Boolettin e-mag (represented by Sharmila Bhowmick)
Registration link:

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