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As it is said Change is the only constant and an integral part of evolution so is change in the world of sports namely running which has been going through a lot of changes as the sport evolves and touches more and more runners and active sportsperson who want to enjoy the sport but are also concerned about the environmental effects as a aftermath of the events also there have been certain modifications and additions to the way the events are being conducted and we found a few that might amuse you.

1. Hot Breakfast

Running events were mostly about running in the event attire or t-shirts and click some pix on the way and go home happy but it has got a little twist these days with the morning running events having “Hot breakfast” as an additional pull factor for the participants and organizers alike as people would love to have “Hot breakfast” after a great run.

2. Plastic bottles replaced by reusable glasses

As the running community is growing,so is the environmental awareness about the affects as it had been noticed that every running event creates a lot of trash in forms of water bottles here and there which injects a lot of single use plastic in the environment which is choking the ecosystem. Now with the realization and push from activists like ” Ploggers of India” this is changing and most of the big organizers are setting an example by using reusable glasses for runners which not only helps contain the effects of the single use plastic but also helps in conservation of water .

3. Personalized T-Shirt

Customization and Personalized is the way to go as more and more runs are offering personalized t-shirts for early bird participants and they wear it with pride with their name engraved on the back as since they are one of the few participants in possession of them and flaunt as you run.

4. Free running Jackets

Some organizers have gone the extra-mile of giving away customized jackets to the participants as early bird offer and this has tweaked the way promotions for runs are being done in india in past year.

5. Promo runs replaced by training runs

There was a time when all big running events had promo runs to reach out to more and more runners and get them involved to boost registrations but the same has now turned into training runs where we have motivational runners and trainers sharing tips to improve your running performance.

There are a lot of changes which we might see in the coming seasons and embrace them with sportsman spirit,lets keep the spirit alive and keep running.

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