Till date researchers are amazed with the new discoveries they make on the capabilities of the human brain and body,and it keeps on improving,breaking more records as we go forward in the future.This comes from our natural ability to adapt with the changing conditions and challenges around us which is dynamic as we progress.
Today i would like to sum up 5 Myths around #100 days of running which have been broken throughout the various seasons and the runners have come out stronger and more confident than ever.

1. If running daily is harmful ain’t eating daily is

Many experts or so called experts say that running daily is bad for health as it puts stress on the muscles and systems and doesn’t give enough time for recovery but that can be the case if you have not trained enough and are overdoing things.We eat daily and has been doing for years does our systems give up or they adapt to doing the task daily.One of the biggest gifts to mankind is adaptability and that’s how we have survived since life has been on earth.
So give your body sometime and it would adapt to the new routine ,only thing you have to be careful is not to overdo things and stick to the plan.When we eat,we ensure we have a balanced meal and any anomaly can upset your stomach so we choose our food wisely and hence we should choose our running plan according to our fitness level.

2. Eat sleep run repeat

Its the routine that matters and our body is capable of adapting to it.After a tough day at work or at personal front ,we don’t just go and sleep for a week or days together. We sleep the normal hours and our body has its recovery mechanism in place to repair withing the normal sleeping hours and we should not ignore our sleep which would help us recover for repeating the routine the next day.

3. You can’t walk in the #100 days of running challenge(Myth)

If you check the rules along with do and don’t on the website ,it prescribes that you should take it easy and walk on days you don’t feel like running or on recovery days you can walk 2 kms to keep your streak of #100 days of running going on .

4. This contest is only to keep you running (myth)

This contest has been designed with great precision to create a healthy habit of running/walking everyday and as per research it takes more than 21 days to create an habit and to continue that same thing for 100 days is a challenge which makes your stronger both mental and physically with proper training,diet and rest so that you are ready for the upcoming running season and give your best shot.

5. You cant do both distance and speed

You can both go the distance and improve on your speed too but you have to balance your training to avoid injuries,if you try doing both you might end up hurting yourself so strike the right balance in your training and try variations to see what suits you best as every body reacts to different training plans differently.

In sports what might be a record performance,is broken soon to create a new record as once your mind finds something possible,the fear diminishes and your performance increases.
Happy running and enjoy #100 days of running

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