As we have entered the Holy month of Ramadan which started on 5th May 2019 and would continue till 4th June evening (Source: Google),and our friends who follow this tradition of fasting and are part of the #100 days of running challenge need to take care of themselves with proper hydration and rest since as per research running while fasting is considered good, if you are taking care of other aspects to keep your body run ready.

We would look as 5 tips to keep you strong on the tracks while fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan.

1.Hydration is the key:

We need to Hydrate well to keep our body cool since the temperature is on the rise while we are fasting in the Holy month, we must ensure to have lot of fruits with high water content like watermelon,pineapple, grapes and oranges which would aid in keeping ourselves hydrated.You can also take fruits which are high on potassium to maintain the requisite electrolytes in the body to aid running like bananas,dates and coconut water.

2.Pick your food well:

Its more important than ever to Pick and choose your food well since you are have fewer meals now with almost 16+ hours of fasting in between. Avoid foods with high sugar as well as salt contents as it would stay in your stomach for long and may cause discomfort also now more than ever try follow the 1/3rd rule (1/3rd food,1/3rd water,1/3 air) since a full stomach would cause discomfort and hinder your running performance and comfort.

3.Time your running routine:

Since the Ramadan fasting is very different from the other form of fasting as it forbids water during the period so its critical that you chose your running time wisely and see how your body responds to the changed conditions. Either your can go for a run before Iftar or after Iftar before taraweeh or after taraweeh and if you are comfortable then before suhoor if your body is comfortable.You have to listen to your body and see if you are comfortable running empty stomach or after breaking your fast and at times you have to decide the pace or your run or even turn it into a walk if you are sweating heavily as you need to conserve water in the body and have a long day ahead.

4. Monitor the heat:

At times it becomes too hot and humid to run with the temperature rising and we need to keep a tab on the heat outside and when it is optimum to run, mostly early morning or evening around Iftar would be a suitable time from the heat perspective,you can also explore running indoor if the facilities permit and even on the treadmill to avoid heat .

5. Sleep well:

During the time of Ramadan its often 4 hrs of sleep between Taraweeh and Suhoor while we need 6-7 hrs of sleep given the schedule we follow for running, hence if possible try going back to sleep after suhoor or take quick naps in the day if your routine permits.As your fasting should be rejuvenating and purifying not tiring, which in this case makes running less fun.

Enjoy the run and have fun with your #100 days of running challenge.

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