The title by itself tells you what exact you’ll be reading . Let me take you through, how I did and still trying to.

Everyone has a dream or few . Sometimes due to parental control or peer pressure you don’t live your dream or explore your ideas which makes you really happy. To have a easy life you decide to go with the flow. You would reach a certain point in your life, when it gets obnoxiously frustrating to do even a smallest task , that’s because ‘you’ are not in that. That’s when you need to take some time out and unriddle what exactly you need to do. Jus open up, talk to friends, read a book, watch a movie, take long walks, head to your favorite icecream joint . You never know, where you’ll discover yourself.
For me, talking to my friends was the best thing happened . Few of them are health freaks, mostly cyclists. Cycling and me, Hmmmmmm! Couldn’t really makeup my mind . Chose running over cycling, again cycle was a bit of investment which I wasn’t prepared for.

Bangalore these days is runner’s hub and our Milind promoting it grabs the attention of most females. I was not spared here . I was not gonna die without a selfie with Milind. Ohhhh! That ‘die part’, my habits were taking a toll on my health with calories adding was on the verge of having high blood pressure. The routine chores, were never of my interest was sure to cause Alzeimer’s or so I thought . Traveling was a havoc as I had developed traveling sickness. Lets not get into details.

Start of the Runs : Now that running was little more of my interest than other ‘sweating out’ options. The motivation did not come through until one day, when my daughter forgot her breakfast and I had to run approx 100m and a few steps (as in steps to climb) to reach her else it would be a nightmare to send my child hungry. I ran the toughest run that day, a life changing one…… of course! Jus made it in time and I realized I was panting hard for breath . It was very embarrassing for an athlete I was once in school days. The very same day I laced up and hit the nearest joggers park . This continued for 3 weeks, now it was time for a new hope of running a 10k. If it is destined to happen , people surface from nowhere or everywhere to lead you into that path. Putts (a friend) had mentioned about a running group in Gkvk, a agricultural University. Chandru (another friend) who was to moving out of town that week, volunteers for some stretches ‘pre’ and ‘post’ run. It was a short run and on my way back, I see a bunch of people on their yoga mats stretching and flexing their muscles. I smiled coz I knew what I had jus discovered.

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