We all know about our heroes who inspire us with their courage and strength but sheldom do we try to see the power behind the performance which keeps the ball rolling. We have met the “Man of steel” of the kolkata running circuit who has inspired a whole lot of runners and fitness enthusiasts in the Eastern India but there is someone who is the force behind the shining steel and she is none other than ,Nidhi Agarwal Bhartia “The Iron Lady” who keeps the “Man of Steel” shining by taking care of all the daily chores which is left behind to be taken care of.Its a bit of destiny and a lot of hardwork that goes into supporting the spirit of fitness while taking care of the daily way of life as anything beyond the daily routine takes lot of courage to follow and just like Sir Jamshedji Tata travelled from Gujarat to support the Making of Steel in What is known as Jamshedpur in Jharkhand,this Iron lady who has spend her life in Lucknow ,Uttar Pradesh was destined to come down to Kolkata where another chapter of discovery of steel was to be carved.

She is a multitasker who manages the household and home finances including his travelling arrangements et all and forget the past ,she has recently restarted her journey of fitness after delivering a cute baby named Saanvi around 7 months back to proud brother Vivaan who is of around 7 years ,with a comeback run at the Promo run organised by the “Saltlake Runners” at City Centre in kolkata and she did a splendid run of 6.5 kms which is great. That’s not all and she is determined to come back to her previous fitness level and has done another 7 kms today at the Kolkata Runners collabration run hosted by Kolkata Ultra at Bengal Rowing Club. She is an inspiration to the new generation mother who lose track of their fitness once they get into the motherhood mode with lots of responsibility and lack of motivation,once again she has proved that you do not need to be a celebrity who can afford a lot of attention and resources to be back in the fitness game. You just need a Iron will and hold the hand of the “Man of Steel” to carve out a better you burning your calories in the fitness furnace.

We wish her a great fitness journey which brings a lot of Recent mothers back to the game and prove themselves as “The Iron Lady behind every Man of steel”

Pix Courtesy: Airtel Run for Education
Featured Pix :Chao Lengdon Caocing https://www.facebook.com/chao.chaocing

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  1. Abhinav Kashyap ….too good man…U can give new colors n identity to any one.Thanks for choosing me n for such great inspirations for mothers n running…you just carved a new look …where I have just started my journey n dont even know how long I can go

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