We have read the story of Mr Phileas Fogg who embraces on a journey of going around the world in 80 days on a challenge and braves through numerous challenges and threats to come out as a winner and his legend lives ever after.

That was a journey which changed lives and another man in 2018 is on a similar journey to compete in all the 6 major Marathons of the world and accomplish his hard work and passion,so you think that you have the money and would register for all of them,that’s not happening in this century yet as there are some very tough qualifying criteria to match before you are allowed to run in these major 6.

Few runners in India have been able to crack this code and be admitted for the marathons,one such persona is Mr Vernon Morais ,the founder and guiding light of KRS (Kolkata running Squad) and a great athlete of his league who have participated in 3 out of the 6 majors namely Chicago marathon,Tokyo Marathon and the recently concluded London marathon which were all very challenging but challenges like these are a cake walk for him to say.

Tokyo Marathon :He started this year with the Tokyo marathon which was as tough and as exciting for him to start the run at a near freezing temperature of 2 degree with a different climate away from home running with a international crowd having a different food habits and workout schedule which might affect performance in the hostile cold environment ,but he was strong with his will power and the impeccable training routine that kept him going clocking one of the fastest Marathons for him at 3hrs 53 min 56 sec to be exact and beautiful memories back home.

London Marathon : One of the prestigious 6 marathons on the planet,London Marathon is one of the very few to start at Mid Day 10.00 AM since the climate remains cool enough to sustain the body heat and exertion on the tracks but this year was different.This being the 38th Edition of London Marathon had around 40000 participants picked through some of the toughest criteria of participation ever which was started by by Her Highness Queen Elizabeth. This was the hottest London Marathon ever to be recorded since its inception in 1981 with participants dropping in the 12 noon heat like dead birds and ambulance sirens all around amid the chaos.But Vernon managed to beat the heat and complete the run without any injury although it was a tougher challenge for him to take on given the climate and the mayhem around. He finished the run with a swag accompanied by the first woman to run a marathon Kathrine switzer who boosted his morale near the finishing line saying “ Young man run and finish the race” and which he did and made us very proud .

The man who is rewriting the fitness landscape of kolkata was not the same vernon we know as of now When you end up weighing 108 kgs with the healthy corporate job and south Indian delicacies it takes more than a thought to get your life back and you embark on a journey to make fitness a way of life for not only yourself but a whole city of Joy by forming the first Running group of kolkata “Kolkata Running Squad” which imparts one of the best training for fitness and runners in the city and is the dream team for anyone who wants to ride the fitness bus but not everyone is allowed onto this dream team and you need to have the fire in the legs to prove your zeal to get onto the bus of eternal fitness.


Vernon Morais is an Idol for those who dream of being fit and and transform themselves into Demigods and Goddesses with chiseled bodies and fitter minds to take on the inner demons of fear and achieve the unimaginable feat of Moving up the fitness ladder from 108 kgs in 2010 to 67 kgs in 2012 with a controlled diet and fitness regime and become a pro trainer with the world of knowledge acquired through hard work and experience and finally took the fitness virus to a world of fitness enthusiasts with the formation of “Kolkata Running Sqaud” in the summer of 2015 which has since come a long way with huge improvement in the lives of the runners.He has ran across continents representing the city’s passion for fitness and running in his own unique style and had been part of jury for world class races across the globe.A corporate Honcho by the day he drives the fitness callender for the city as global sports brands reach out to him for guidance and a foothold into the fitness community. He was instrumental into bringing the famed “Pinkathon” run into the city which has iconic “Milind Soman” as the driving force and the man who has brought woman out of their kitchens onto the fitness Map and although there are a lot of runners in the city hogging the limelight none come close to the “Dronacharya” of Kolkata Running circuit who has brought fitness and technique in to the running diaspora.

When he is not delivering speeches at corporate events or imparting training to the upcoming battery of champs,you may find him holding the Indian Flag high in some high octane running or Endurance event in the other part of the globe or having a chilled out time with his sweet family comprising his wife and 2 kids who are his pillars of support that keep him going from one orbit to another.

Way to go Vernon with your spirit of giving the city daily dose of running and health and keep inspiring the new age of health enthusiasts in the city of joy.

I am a storyteller who is trying to put the spotlight on the ordinary people who are making extraordinary efforts to make a difference in their lives as well as of others in Health,fitness,creativity and entrepreneurship. When i am not blogging ,you might find me running Long or short distance runs on some weekends preparing for Marathons and earning a living as a Digital Lending Professional.


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