Our Normal day starts with the preparation to rush to office and by the time we are back nor do we have the energy nor the motivation to do something for our health,which makes us vulnerable to a lot of lifestyle diseases.This is growing like an epidemic in the corporate world and it takes a lot of will power to go against the tide of naysayers and become an icon for those who see it to be an herculean task.

One such person we came across is Sourav Kashyap from kolkata,an Analytics wizard at the Famed Tata Consultancy Service who follows the same routine as we all do but still finds time to Run for health,sometimes at Midnight when we all are dead in our bedrooms.

His Typical day starts at 5 AM in the morning where he starts preparing for his office since he needs to report early for the Project he is working on,and comebacks only in the evening to schedule his days run in the night.While we look at the couch as the only saviour after coming home,he looks for his running shoes for the next challenge which he is pursuing as #100daysofrunning.in challenge. At the last count he has already completed 1000 kms running in a span of only 59 days and we still have 41 more days to go for this challenge of 100 days running to end and this makes him an inspiration for lot of people who make excuses of not following the fitness path whereas  people like him and groups like #saltlakeRunners and Discussion groups #DoseofFitness in kolkata are inspiring a whole new generation of runners who have found a new way of healthy life.

For Sourav this is just a beginning as he has just started this last November with the Bhoomi 10k run and has scaled up very fast to reach where he has been now,he is not only inspiring people around him but also helping them scale up their Goals in terms of health with a display of sheer determination to make a difference not for him selves but for a whole new community of runners et al.

His Next big target for him is the much famed #Hyderabad Full Marathon wherein he would be accompanied by more than 50 runners from Kolkata and Bangalore and that would be an interesting event to follow and till then we wish him all the luck and fame until we cover his next achievement.

I am the Spotlight looking for people trying to make a difference to themselves and weaving a beautiful, encouraging story in the Process. If you are the one who can trade fictions for real life heroes, this is the place to be....when I am not breaking keyboards to write these stories, you might find me running slow long distance runs or slogging my ass to get my bills Paid.Now it's showtime 😁