Do you remember when in school as a part of the Hindi syllabus you were supposed to read 2-3 books, grammar ,short stories and poems and for most of us it was either the story or the collection of poems that was marked as favorite. For me it was always poems as I could feel my own pain and happiness all in the same book.
No wonder they were written by some great writers like Haribansh Rai “Bacchan”, Premchand ,Sumitra Nandan Pant etc and I feel that somewhere the sweetness and the tenderness is lost between harry porters of the world and English publications.
But fortunately there are some new age writers who have attempted to promote Hindi poetry in their unique style and have come out well and since we are talking of Hindi poetry so let me introduce you to one and only Priyanka bansal , a rising star in the Hindi poetry circuit who have dared to come up with this beautiful collection of poem “Rubaru” on different emotions in a person’s life .Whether it’s the emotional narration of a father for his daughter where he loves his daughter but is unable to express himself in front of her ,or a son’s emotion for his mother which are beautifully captured and narrated in words which shine like a pearl in the ocean in “Rubaru”.
“Rubaru” is a collection of 73 verses which capture different moods and emotions of a person’s life and it’s a welcome delight away from the English writing that has flooded the book shelves.

Priyanka Bansal , the author is very different from Priyanka the person as the former is very expressive in her melody with words while the latter comes to you as an introvert ,said that she is very expressive with her pen which is indeed mightier than sword. While we interviewed her for the launch of the book and on being asked for the reason she chose Hindi over the more popular English which is taking people places in the literary world she said “I find Hindi more expressive as being the common language for most of the readers, it is more understandable “ as a matter of fact she is not only targeting the urban readers but also wants to reach to the interiors of Indian peninsula and make an effort to make Hindi literature popular among youngsters.
She also added”poetry is the best way to deliver a message in just a few lines, and they are understood conveying the same feeling and nothing is lost in transition also my message to the beloved readers would not to write to be read but to connect emotionally”, and that’s a very beautiful thought and believe me this only comes from a writer who writes to express ,not impress.
She will soon be coming up with the kindle version of short stories and finally a Novel to delight the readers with her extraordinary writings.
I hope that her Hindi collection of verses is well received and get to see more of her works soon and wish her all the very best.

You can Buy it Online at Amazon by searching “Rubru” or “Priyanka bansal” in books section.

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