The legal industry is undergoing a tremendous change with the advent of disruptive technology in the space and its No more under the constraint of the typewriters and manual books for consultations.As we have seen a battery of lawyers bringing in reforms in the sector since independence disruptive tech firms like are transforming the way the industry works and collaboration grows between the lawyers across the country. With you can now hire lawyers across the country on a single click rather than running from pillar to post to find the expertise in the requisite with the help of cutting edge technology is now providing better cost predictability and service quality doing away with the outdated manual process which was time-consuming and with zero predictability.

While recent research has found that the use of disruptive technologies in the legal market is still nascent, with legal tech vendors like here are significant opportunities for technology to tackle the problems of manual and paper-based processes. Innovative startups are helping solve these challenges by offering digital tools for e-discovery, legal research and notarization, and software for practice management and intellectual property/trademark disclosures. Under considerable pressure to become more cost-effective, law firms are turning to the growing trend of outsourcing and collaborative approach for time-consuming but less profitable tasks like legal transcription, research, and administrative work.
As the use of mobile, cloud and online technologies continues to soar, so does the amount of data produced, which will bring further opportunities for digital transformation. Lawyers are expanding beyond the straight-forward analysis of documents and emails into social media postings and, in the future, information such as geolocation data and feeds from kind of digital legal startups devices. As lawyers increasingly use machine learning capabilities to gain real-time analysis of ever bigger data sets, they’ll develop greater insights. And aggregation of services by Disruptive startups like is going to usher a new dawn in the legal history of our country.
They have now put one more step forward in connecting with the people with LTF 2017 ” Legal Tech Fair 2017″

The Legal Tech Fair, 2017, first ever Legal Tech event in India, is a conference cum exhibition fair which intends to bring the entire legal ecosystem together to explore the Business and Regulatory Trends, technology and talent drivers impacting the industry.The one day Fair aims to find solutions to the conventional and renowned slack in the deliverance of justice owing to the bulk of pending legal issues, automating systems which require human force, time and effort- all with the help of phenomenal tech innovations!The Legal Tech Fair 2017 will welcome an estimated 1,000 visitors from the world of law, IT and legal technology to contrive a collective movement towards a technologically- charged legal sphere.With more than 5 panel discussions on varied topics running simultaneously with interactive workshops and tech exhibition, the event will explore emerging tech opportunities within the legal landscape.The Legal Tech Fair 2017 will feature intriguing panel discussions on how technology can revolutionize a century-old legal system. The event also offers an expansive exhibit floor which will display innovative tech products designed to change the way legal works!​ “​

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