If someone said that age is just a number and we thought it was just an excuse for your greying hairs and waning fitness levels then we are mistaken for sure,and it has been proved again and again by some of the living legends across the world and who need not be from the movie industry where people don’t seem to age with lots of makeup and botox injections to their rescue but they might be someone who leads a low profile and holds the Indian Flag high to make us proud to be an Indian.
If there was an icon in Milkha singh who inspired young men to take up running then there is another icon who is inspiring people to come out of retirement and give the young bloods in running the competition of their lifetime,presenting the one and only our beloved “Arun kumar Singh” aka “Arun Sir” who is the heartbeat of kolkata runners and the proud Flag bearer of Indian sports on the world map and guess what’s his age…. the answer is age is just a number for him.

He is a international level hurdler who started running after he crossed 50 and
A heavy smoker once upon a time, Arun sir is an example of re discovering your true passion in the later years of his life and giving it all that you have and to let your mind decide your age rather that the number on your documents.what started as brisk walking and jogging on the lawns of victoria memorial led him to participate in a 10km run in the year 1992 which was organised by HSBC in the city of Joy and to his surprise he not just completed it with elan but was ranked in his age category which led to the this journey that started near chandni chowk (use of the name since its near victoria) and the next stop in this journey is china where he is going to hold our National Flag with proud and bring laurels to this country .

His list of accomplishment is long enough for me to miss some but here is the glimpse of some of his astonished runs

*2016: 19th Asia Masters Athletics Championships, Singapore
– Gold in 300m, 54.21s – Gold in 4x100m Relay – Bronze in 100m, 19.88s
37th National Masters Athletic Meet, Mysore –
Gold in 100m (65+ category), 19.40s Silver in 300m, 59.85s

*2015: State Masters Athlete Meet, West Bengal
– State record clocking 19.70s
36th National Master Athlete Meet, Panaji, Goa
– Silver in 100m, 18.8s

*2014: 35th National Master Athlete Meet, Coimbatore
– Gold in 100m, 18.7 – Silver in 300m, 52.10s

*2013: 20th World Masters Athletic Championships, Brazil
– Ranked 11th in 100m – Ranked 14th in 300m

34th National Master Athletic Meet, Bangalore
– Silver in 100m, 18.9s

*2012: 17th Asia Masters Athletic Championships, Singapore
– 4th in 100m, 18.91s – 4th in 300m, 53.87s

33rd National Master Athlete Meet, Bangalore
– Gold in 100m, 18.6s – Bronze in 300m, 53.16s

*2010: State Masters Athlete Meet, West Bengal
– State record clocking 19.00s

*2009: 30th National Masters Athletic Meet, Mysore
– Bronze in 300m (55+ category)
– Bronze in 100m, (55+ category)

*2008: 29th National Masters Athletic Meet, Mysore
– Bronze in 100m (55+ category)

In a country where people can pay thousands for nonsense and the government can spend crores on making statues the sports department is least bothered to help this icon to bring glory to this country and he is on his own to china in order to represent our country. But where there is a will there is a way,if he can run miles at this age he will definitely conquer the dragon and Jump over all the hurdles to rise like a sun that brings light to the world with its burning desire to win.

Please support his journey from Chandni Chowk to china

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  1. Very nice …..I met her so many times …And every time I met with him he look younger than before…a big inspiration …..for youth

  2. I really salute the spirit. He is My super hero. I always take suggestions that how to focused on any task. He guide us always. Thanks to him always. He is Hero of Indians.

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