As we all are home quarantined now so that we keep ourselves safe and stop the virus from spreading further in the hinterland we need to keep ourselves busy and our mind occupied and what best is to bring out the old games to the fore.

So here are the 3 games which we can play instead of binge watching Netflix and amazon Prime etc.

1. Chess : As per wikipedia the game was invented in India around 1500 years back from where it went to persia and after its conquer by the Arab world it went on to other countries and further west. whatever the story may be but this is a true game of best minds and to keep the mind active with a wonderful game of chess which is considered as a great mind exercise. As per research, children who play chess have found to have improved concentration,problem solving,critical,original,creative thinking with improved mathematical abilities. Along with this it helps in improving the memory storage and the way young brains manage information.

It also helps in strengthening bonds among the family members as well since we all lead a very busy lives with very little time to spare with each other.

2. Game of Carrom : The game of Carrom which was a popular game in our generation is an excellent game of concentration,skills and practice. Carrom is said to be originated in the Indian peninsula and is a very popular game in the neighboring countries and have been introduced to the Arab world,European and American people by the huge migrant Indian Diaspora and in the past decades have been recognized widely as a serious game. So get your boards out for a game of carrom.

3. Snake and Ladder :Again this game which is quite a popular one in India finds its origin in Ancient India from the family of Dice Board games that included “Gyan Chauper” and “Pachisi”(present day Ludo). The game made way to England in the pre-independence era and was sold as “snake and ladder” and further made way to the united states of America. The original game “Gyan Chauper” is associated with the Jain philosophy of Karma and Moksh and is a great game to keep you away from screen and save your eyes from strain.

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