Wondering what got me started on my fitness journey and why I continue being obsessed with being fit? Playing tennis from the age of nine and restarting it in college got me realizing that fitness is a part of my routine and a way of life. Be it all the partying in college and when I started working as a journalist or with all the unhealthy food we often end up eating, working out was the best way to keep me fit and it still is. My mother is highly diabetic and that was also a sign for me to stay active and channelize stress in a positive way. 

Respect the body, the body does wonders for you and adds more life to your years. You won’t feel it as much when you are in your teens and twenties, but as you grow older and metabolism slows down, bone density is affected, you realize that starting workouts earlier in life is a blessing. 

I am glad I started strength training when I was in my twenties as it helps increase bone density and reduce the onset of osteoporosis. The core is stronger and that is a huge boost when it comes to running, yoga and cycling. Fitness is not about being thin, it is about being fit overall and in simple terms, the heart health. Which is why during intense training, the heart rate shoots up and cool down exercises are important to reduce the heart rate. In simple terms, it is not just about pumping iron or running insane distances, but about how strong the heart is and training gradually and accordingly.

Simply put, start with one step, do what you like, like brisk walking, zumba, yoga, running, cycling, strength training and see how you feel after a couple of weeks. Each form of training is different and say one form of cardio training can be complimented with strength and resistance training. First understand your specific goals, then take a step, the rest will follow. 

It takes consistency and time and the benefits may not show immediately, but you will realize it is about how you feel from within. It is not that I don’t indulge in a burger or pizza sometimes, but it is restricted to sometimes. I don’t want to shy away from my cravings, but I don’t want to abuse my body with constant unhealthy eating just because I am working out like crazy. Balance is key and at the end of the day, it is about how I want to feel and for me, a constant unhealthy lifestyle is not worth it.