We all seek out to achieve a lot of different things in life but miss out on the Basic need which makes us happy and keeps us going ,our health.It takes a lot of positivity and courage to take a step back for our leap of faith to a better self and health,And gladly this man took a step back to reclaim his life and happiness through health.
Presenting Mr M Balasubramaniam or Bala as he is Fondly known among friends and family ,A high flying Corporate job as the Head of Human Resource at the top notch IT companies with a loving family to come home to is all what we want in our lives but not this man who is hungry for more out of life. He is based out of Bengaluru and stays with his lovely family ,a loving wife and a cute daughter who keeps him glowing with laughter and happiness.
We got a glimpse of his story with an oppurtunity to ask some question and here is the great chit chat that followed over a run and here is the first person account of his journey.

“I have been a Recruitment Professional having run my own Search Firm currently as well as in the past. I have held Corporate Leadership positions in my tenure with Wipro Technologies, Hewlett Packard and Mahindra Satyam (Tech Mahindra)
3.How it Started off : Having reached a level of Seniority int, about 4 years back, I he Corporate Hierarchy, I reached a point wherein I had to take a call on Professional Growth and Work and Life Balance apart from the most important thing of all, my Health. Not that it was all bad, but there were tell-tale signs of it deteriorating and I took a stand, which would alter my living thereafter. I re-prioritized my life in the following sequence wherein 1. Health , 2. Family and 3. My Professional pursuit.

He continued “I had to start off with health and being an eternal optimist, I started my journey with weight reduction and must appreciate the support I got from my wife and daughter in this regard and Worked on a diet with No Sugar, No rice, No oil and No Bakery products. Ended up reducing close to 28 kgs over a period of 5 months and it was then I took to running. This was in March 2014.”
When quizzed about his inspirations and future plans he added that “Inspirations I have none in particular! Once I revised my priorities in life, I was sure of leading a good quality of life. I would admit that being the sole-breadwinner for my family, it was incumbent on me that I be in good shape, not just to lead an extended meaningful life, but also give a decent quality of life to my wife and daughter and for future plans as I am on my own, I build my life around my health. I wish to run in different places, having grown up across the country due to my Military School background, I wish to visit new places across the world and tie up my Holidays and Business Travel to my running regimen. Thus hitting 2 birds with one Stone”

For upcoming runners he advised “Please do not hurry it up. Please be injury-free. Be liberal in spending on the right attire (shoes , Clothes and maybe on gym membership and negotiate hard with personal trainers!)”

“I hope to continue my fitness journey right up to my death!”

What an inspiration Bala,We hope you add more miles and smiles in your journey to fitness as it is rightly said that the journey is more fulfilling than the destination.

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  1. Congrats Bala! You have been very disciplined about your diet which is very difficult to carry on for long. Hope to follow your path some day soon

  2. Thanks MAdam. But it was a conscious decision to put health above everything else. Its paying off now…

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