In the recent times I have heard a lot about Sattvik food and its role in redefining the health and lifestyle for us. Its nothing fancy but simple food originated in India, so why this sudden hype on the food which this generation has probably not heard of.

So is this a hype created by food companies to promote their products or the yoga teachers to provide a unique signature to their brands.


Sattvik Means purity,health,harmony,and wellbeing.


Sattvik or Satvik food is a pure vegetarian food diet which consists of seasonal fresh fruits,fresh vegetables,sprouts,whole grains,pulses,dried nuts,seeds,honey,fresh herbs,milk and dairy products which are untouched by animal rennet (complex of enzymes from the stomach of calves which is used in the production of cheese).

Sattvik foods raise our sattva or our consciousness levels, Sattvik foods are cooked with love,gratitude and awareness. A sattvik person is peaceful,calm,amicable,full of energy,aspirations,hope,enthusiasm,creativity and balanced persona.
If you are not yet impressed with the gyan then this is for you,it helps in keeping a check on your weight.

Potential benefits of sattvik food

Promotes consumption of whole, nutrient dense food

May be helpful in reducing chronic disease risk

May Promote Weight loss

Potential Drawbacks

Although sattvik food has many health benefits,there are also some drawbacks to be considered.
Sattvik food is rich in nutrient laden food but it also cuts out many healthy food from our palate

While following this food regime, you cannot have,meat,eggs,poultry fish which are excellent source of proteins , healthy fats and a lot of micronutrients.

In addition to this Sattvic food excludes ingredients which are considered Tamasic or rajasic (google it for quick reference )like radishes ,onions, chilli pepper and mushrooms which are a part of long list of exceptionally healthy food but are off-limits in this kind of diet.

Beverages like coffee, caffeinated tea and alcoholic drinks which makes this kind of lifestyle and eating pattern difficult to follow for people like us who enjoy their drinks.


Sattvik food and eating patterns are based on Ayurveda and are not supported by any scientific research as per my knowledge, so please take this up under expert guidance and follow the regime without deviations to avoid any negative affect.

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