We are all dealing with the degrading environmental surroundings and apart from the regular vehicular pollution that chokes our lungs on a regular basis the other major kill is the daily waste that is produced across the Households and offices apart from the larger factories and this is needed to be urgently addressed if we want to stay disease free .

When  the world is following controversies and political vendetta a bunch of students of SDM institute of Technology created an Advanced E-Bin to solve the segregation of these daily waste problem and went on to win the hearts at the recently concluded IICDC-2016 where the final leg was completed at the prestigious IIM Bangalore and won aspiring tech talent award of IICDC-2016.

It all started when they got to know about the contest by their college posters and website. And they started thinking about innovative ideas suitable for this contest, also looked for the previous winners of IICDC to get a fair idea about what is expected out of the future stars of innovation and in the process came across this problem os waste segregation to which they started looking for a solution and this project was born “Project Automatic waste segregation”, which is capable of segregating one waste dumped one at a time.

They created a team of Fantastic four Chaitra.S, Akshata, Divya nayak, Pallavi BJ and started innovating on the desired modifications,and came up with modified automated segregation called ADVANCED E-BIN.
Now what is this Advanced E-Bin “Advanced e bin is the fully automated waste segregator powered by solar energy. The system uses 12V battery to power the movement of motor as well as the conveyor belt. We also use a solar panel to charge the battery so that there is no need of charging it externally. The advanced e bin is interfaced to an MSP430 microcontroller that controls the working of all the subsystems. It is also interfaced to a proximity sensor for waste detection. First we dump the waste into the dustbin. The metal particles present in the waste get separated from the rest of the waste by the electromagnetic coil. The remaining waste now passes through the air blower, which separates the dry waste into one bin and the wet into other. The proximity sensor present in the bin also acts as level detector which signals the GSM module once the bin is full”
On the top of this the cherry on the cake is that Advanced e-bin capable of segregating mixed waste, energized using renewable solar energy so you do nit produce additional carbon footprints while trying to save the planet from one problem.
Its no surprise that the team won aspiring tech talent award of IICDC-2016 and there is long way to go as these kids pave way for a cleaner and greener future.http://ebin.manyathy.in/
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  1. One of a kind. Most awaited solution to solve waste management issue. Congratulations Team. You did d right way of applying technology to make life simple. Keep going. I appreciate ur uniqueness in contribution towards Swatchh Bharat

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