We often get confused between being fit and being healthy, they are similar in nature yet not the same.

We all want to be healthy and fine but we focus on trying to be fit and sometimes makes it our obsession which in turns affects our health.

So is being fit and being healthy two faces of the same coin or two states that your body can be in, but you need to strike a balance for the benefits.

So let’s find out the comparison between fitness goals with healthy goals to understand them better.

Fitness Goals:

.Enhance Performance
.Win Competitions
.Improve Appearance
.Tone Up
.Improve Flexibility

Healthy Goals:

.Better Ageing
.Quality of Life
.Lower Stress Levels
.Lower Blood Pressure
.Free of disease
.Free of pain

But with a balanced routine and habits you can achieve both.
Although being fit and being healthy is not the same but they have some common goals which would help you have a healthy lifestyle, such as

.Weights management
.Improve strength and stamina
.Improve cardiovascular health

So take you stride towards your fitness goals with a balanced healthy habit approach and you would reach the pinnacle of health.

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