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Change is the only constant in the world but we as human are not very adaptable to change and stick to the routine followed for years till a revolution sweeps us off the feet and we connect with the vision of the revolutionary.India has seen its share of revolutions starting from the rising of 1857 to Quit India movement and the green revolution and have joined hands to make the revolutionary change for a bright future.

Today the big threat to the environment is the pollution that is getting worse in the cities and industrial belts of the country and more than that,the pollution through litter by us and people around who throw litter like paper,plastic bottles,newspaper,cola cans,plastics bags on the roads,grounds and where not which later gets in to the sewage system and creates blockages or stays on the road and ground where they had been thrown carelessly creating a big threat to the cleanliness and environment of the place.

In 2017,a group of youngsters came together with an idea to change this forever with a revolutionary concept known as plogging (combination of jogging and picking up litter which is a swedish concept) which was first developed in sweden and then spread across countries, and it was formally brought to india and spread by Ploggers of India led by the charismatic Ripu Daman. He wanted to curb this menace caused by litter and it should be our responsibility to keep the city clean leading a minimal waste lifestyle and clear as well as educate the people not to litter around and keep the city clean.

What started as a 2 people movement as”My city my responsibility” with cleaning a 3-4 kms stretch on the streets of New Delhi in 2017 has now become a people’s movement spread across Metros and Tier 1 & 2 cities and educating people to say no to trash and single use plastic and be responsible for your own trash,keep your surrounding clean and educate people to be follow the same and make India,cleaner and greener India. Now as the movement grows Ploggers of india have volunteers across all the major cities and towns who are doing their best to keep india litter free,join them in your city and do your bit as ” Citizen’s of India” and show your love and support for ” Ploggers of India”.

We team scroogeuncle wish “Ploggers of India” good luck and support the campaign to make our neighborhood a better place to live.

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