The coronavirus pandemic has engulfed almost all the countries around the world and although wearing the mask and sanitizing your hands whenever you touch an external surface outside your home is what we all follow, we are still at risk. You may never know when you had come in contact of an infected person and were exposed to the virus so we should be careful and mindful of any symptoms which may look like common ailment but may turn out to be the Covid-19 infection.

1. Headache:
The corona virus may have different affect on different people but we should not ignore a headache if you normally don’t have one but are suffering from one for a couple of days. You have done everything in knowledge but it still persists, then visit a physician and get yourself checked and if he suggests go for a Covid-19 test .
I would like to quote my example where i didn’t had fever or anything unusual but a headache which would not go away for two days. The doctor suggested a covid-19 test along with other routine tests such a typhoid, blood count ,diabetes etc. and although i was confident mine would be negative turned out to be covid-19 positive.

You are having severe lose motions and think it is due to the some food allergy, think again if it persists since that might be a sign of your body fighting the virus. If this persists for 2 days Go to your family physician to get yourself checked and if he suggests go take the test as that might be the initial response of the body to the virus and you may do not have any other symptom or symptoms my come later in the week.
Don’t ignore your body’s signs of distress.

If you are running a temperature which might be a result of seasonal transition, get yourself checked as there are high chances of you being infected. Do not self medicate and wait to be tested as the early detection and treatment would increase your chances of early recovery.

4.Sore Throat
In the changing weather, sore throat is a common thing to get but if there is no improvement in 2 days then go see your family physician and if needed get yourself tested as you never know what symptoms the virus may throw but this is a very common symptom of patients along with other complications that may come up.

5.Lack of smell and taste
If you are experiencing lack of smell and taste which may or may not be accompanied by a blocked nose and may seem to be a common cough and cold situation, if it persists then don’t ignore and get yourself checked as you may have got infected. A timely detection of the viral infection and in time treatment would help you recover quickly .

I have been diagnosed covid-19 Positive on 30th October 2020 and have experienced some of the symptoms stated above, it may or may not be same for other people who have fought the virus but these are some common pointers we often ignore and if any of them rings a bell,take precautions and get your self tested for faster recovery and better health.

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